The Oldest Question

The Weekly Word:
is an invitation to reflect on how God speaks to us through poetry, literature, and the visual arts. Share your reflections below so that we can join together on this journey of faith throughout the week.


The Oldest Question – Unknown (contributed by Paul Eident)
The oldest question for mankind is found in the first book in the Old Testament. It is a question God asks of Adam, “Where are you?” The question was asked after Adam ate the forbidden fruit. Our God surely knew Adam’s location in the Garden of Eden. The question has a much deeper significance. It is a question God continually asks all of us. So…where are you?


For Reflection
As Wesley would ask, “how is it with your soul?” How is your relationship with God, your church family, and your inner self? Are you making yourself visible to God, to be used for God’s Kingdom, or are you hiding somewhere in the garden like Adam? Where are you in this season of your life?

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