Rob Bell, Love Wins

The Weekly Word:
is an invitation to reflect on how God speaks to us through poetry, literature, and the visual arts. Share your reflections in the comments so that we can join together on this journey of faith throughout the week.


Rob Bell, Love Wins
“Christ is the answer, but he is also the question, the hunt, the search, the exploration, the discovery…because life is about thriving in God’s good world. It’s stillness, peace, and that feeling of your soul being at rest, while at the same time it’s about asking things, learning things, creating things, and sharing it all with others who are finding the same kind of joy in the same good world.”


For Reflection:
Are there times when you are content to rest in Christ but neglect his call to “make disciples of all nations”? Are there times when you are so eager to share the Good News with others that you forget to rest in Christ? How might we help each other remember that both rest and mission are essential to our Christian life together?

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