Anne Lamont, Hallelujah Anyway

The Weekly Word:
is an invitation to reflect on how God speaks to us through poetry, literature, and the visual arts. Share your reflections below so that we can join together on this journey of faith throughout the week.


­­Anne Lamont, Hallelujah Anyway
“Mercy, grace, forgiveness, and compassion are synonyms, and the approaches we might consider taking when facing a great big mess, especially the great big mess of ourselves — our arrogance, greed, poverty, disease, prejudice. It includes everything out there that just makes us sick and makes us want to turn away, the idea of accepting life as it presents itself and doing goodness anyway, the belief that love and caring are marbled even into the worst life has to offer.”


For Reflection:
We Christians do not expect a care-free life but instead strive to love God and neighbor even in the most difficult times. Have you received such love and care during a difficult moment in your life? When and how have you been a vessel for God’s love for someone else?

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