Bridge Communities Sleepout Saturday

Did you know that on a given night in DuPage County, an estimated 650 people are without a home to sleep in and the average age of a homeless person in DuPage County is 8?  In our county alone, 70,000 people are living below poverty level, an increase of 10,000 year-over-year.

On Saturday, November 7, 2015, HUMC members and the Youth Group will join more than 1,500 local youth and adults, sleeping outside in tents, boxes or cars, to raise awareness of family homelessness in support of Bridge Communities’ Transitional Housing program.

If, in addition to your thoughts and prayers, you would like to support our youth as they do their part to raise awareness and money for these families, you can pledge our group by going to

Sleep Out Saturday begins at 7:00 pm at the church, with temporary housing to be constructed on the corner of 55th Street and Garfield Street to generate maximum public visibility. A simple meal will be served, followed by fellowship and activities. You are encouraged to come for a few hours to provide support and imagine what homelessness would feel like, or stay the night to experience for yourself  the hardships faced by many homeless individuals in our area.

Questions regarding the event may be directed to the church office at 630-325-1280.

What is Bridge Communities?  It is a non-profit organization, located in Glen Ellyn, which has a mission to:

  • Inspire and affect change by advocating for homeless families
  • Provide services and opportunities that connect families to a better future
  • Collaborate with faith-based partners, community action groups and businesses to leverage resources and create long-term solutions
  • Lead by example through innovative programs and grass-root involvement.

Sleep Out Saturday is organized annually to raise money and awareness to:

  • Provide Bridge Communities client families with safe homes
  • Help client mothers earn the education they need to further their careers
  • Counsel and tutor client children
  • Assist clients to find better paying jobs
  • Move client families from homelessness to financial stability, permanent housing and self-sufficiency.