Church Pledge Sunday

Building On A Strong Foundation – Church Pledge Sunday November 19, 2017

We have relied on the generosity of our members and friends since our founding in 1959. It has allowed us to accomplish many wonderful things across several generations. This year’s stewardship theme “building on a strong foundation” captures that reality. This means serving our current members to the best of our abilities through worship, pastoral care, and ongoing programs while building new and stronger connections with the next generation.

Why do you want me to make a pledge?

We rely on your financial support to run the programs of HUMC and we finalize our budget priorities after we know your intended gift levels. The pledges our members and supporters make constitute over 80% of our resources. Each generation and each family have its unique opportunity to strengthen the foundation of the church and increase its impact on the lives that we touch. So, we would ask each member and friend of HUMC to consider making a pledge towards the ministries of our church for 2018.

What’s new for 2018 that should impact how I consider my pledge?

We know we need to enhance our engagement with families with children and youth at home and we have taken steps this past year in that direction. The world is complex, and many secular pressures impact the lives and schedules of these families. But, we know HUMC is a critical and safe place to provide spiritual and moral grounding. However, we recognize that the ways we engage with families in today’s world needs to adapt (as we have done for the nearly 60 years of our existence). To that end, Rev. Daniel Cochran has been charged to evaluate how we can deliver our overall ministries to families in a more coordinated manner with the Children’s and Youth Ministries. We are in search for a new Youth Director who can collaborate in this effort and we are excited by the possibilities this renewed and comprehensive focus could provide during 2018. So, we are hopeful for your continued financial support to allow the pastoral and staff leadership team to engage in new and varied ways to connect with these younger families “building on our strong foundation.”

What is the budget overall and the principal uses of the resources?

Our total budget is about $720,000. About 65% are the salaries and expenses of our pastors and staff along with direct program costs. Running the office and the operating expenses for our building and grounds are about 27%. Our apportionment (the amount we contribute to the Conference for our connectional support and global missions) is about 8%. Our financial statements are regularly reported to Ad Council and the congregation. Please ask for any details of interest.

Is my pledge important?

Yes! Spiritually, Jesus encouraged us to give cheerfully according to our ability. That amount is different for everyone. Hopefully, HUMC is a meaningful part of your life and you want to support its work. Attached is a summary of our current congregational weekly giving amounts along with a chart to consider your giving compared to your income. Please prayerfully consider where you are on this chart. To live life generously as God has encouraged us to do, can you move up one level in your giving in 2018? As lifted up on All Saints Day last Sunday, we have lost many faithful and generous donors over the past year. So, we need the support of everyone to sustain our programs and services to the congregation and the community.

How does the Copper Cross endowment fit into HUMC and giving?

It is a critical component of HUMC—both currently and for our future. In 2017, it distributed $41,000 (4% of its three-year average assets per its charter) to help fund our annual budget and Trustee capital improvements. Including the Copper Cross in your estate planning is a powerful way to leave a legacy to continue your support of HUMC for decades to come. In fact, we just received a generous bequest of $50,000 from the estate of a long-standing HUMC family that has requested to remain anonymous.

What are we asking you to do for HUMC?

Please prayerfully consider the gift you will make to HUMC for 2018 and fill out the pledge card section of this brochure. Pray for the success of our financial campaign to allow HUMC to accomplish its ministry. Then, bring your pledge card to church as we gather together on November 19th to consecrate our financial gifts to the church to enable it to accomplish God’s work in our community and around the world. If you are unable to attend, please mail your card to the church. If you have any questions, please contact Zed Francis, Chair of Stewardship and Finance.

Zed Francis, Chair of Stewardship and Finance

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