thanksgiving appeal


November 2020


2020 has been an unusual and difficult year. Even so at Thanksgiving we must pause to give thanks to God for our many blessings. Others who are less fortunate will appreciate our gifts.  Four organizations from our Rainbow Covenant commitments will receive the proceeds from the Thanksgiving Offering: JUST of DuPage, the Cookson Hills Center, Heifer International and the Global Mission Secondary School in Tanzania.


The goal of JUST of DuPage (Justice, Understanding, Service and Teaching) is to meet the needs of the DuPage County Jail inmates and their families. Since 1986 JUST has been a key resource providing programs focused on education and life skills (including parenting, anger management, decision making, English as a second language, computer classes, and financial planning), spiritual enrichment using staff and volunteer chaplains, social services, and ADDICTION RECOVERY support. Services were reduced from mid-March until July 1 due to Covid-19, but all is again working. The election of the new Sheriff, James Mendrick, brought increased financial and personnel support from the Sheriff’s office. JUST’s staff of five and more than 100 volunteers strive to share God’s love with the inmates to empower them to make positive changes in their lives.


Since 1948, the Cookson Hills Center has served a mostly Cherokee population in three of the four poorest counties in Oklahoma. Poverty is systemic, and all of its effects can be seen there. The Center provides services to aid the poor including development of several cottage industries to provide employment. These include sewing, T-shirt printing, crafts, doormats made from recycled tires, hand-made pottery, and homemade jellies and preserves. Sales from these cottage industries provide 25% of the Center’s budget. Other services are substance abuse programs, day care assistance for seniors and children, youth programs, a thrift store, a food pantry, a craft co-op, home repair, counseling, emergency assistance for housing and special programs. The mission wants more people in the area to know they are valued and to become self-reliant and self-determined. Its hope is for more resources – less addiction and less hate.


Heifer International has been working for 76 years with communities to end hunger and poverty and to care for the earth. Its gifts of livestock and training bring nutritious food to tables that had been empty, send children to school who never thought they would learn to read, and transform struggling farmers into small business owners. Currently Heifer is working with farmers and communities in 21 countries. Animals such as cows, goats, and other livestock are given as seed investments to help project participants build a business and ultimately gain access to supply chains and markets. The farmers are then able to earn a living income and continuously lift their communities as they train the next generation of leaders. A cornerstone of the program is that a family that receives an animal is expected to give its first female offspring to another family and to share the training it received.


This is the second year HUMC is designating the Global Missions Secondary School in Tanzania to be a recipient of the Thanksgiving Offering. It was recommended last year by our pastor, Young-Mee Park. Located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, it will be a Christian, English-medium, co-educational boarding school affiliated with the United Methodist Church of Tanzania. A generous donation by an HUMC member last Thanksgiving  will fund the school library building. The missionary in Tanzania reports that in spite of the pandemic, heavy rains and cost difficulties with the contractor, construction is proceeding. The school building is now 85% complete and the dorms are 40 % complete. She still hopes to open the school next January. Our gifts will help fund construction of the facilities.


Please consider helping others with a gift to the HUMC Thanksgiving Offering. JUST of DuPage, the Cookson Hills Center, the Global Mission Secondary School and Heifer International all need our support.


Dan Irwin

Missions Work Area