olivet warming ministry

Many thanks to all who have donated to the UMW Warming Ministry which benefits our friends in the Olivet community. We have received an amazing number of donations including blankets, coats, snowsuits, gloves, hats, scarves, hoodies, boots, and baby blankets. Many of these have been hand-made and some are brand new, purchased specifically for the Warming Ministry. We are truly blessed with a congregation focused on missions and helping those less fortunate. Current donations were packed up for our fall delivery to Olivet planned for Saturday, November 16. We will deliver a grand total of 595 warming items.

In addition to the donations totaled above, we also have over 50 fleece blankets created during two Crafting Sessions. Our crafting sessions have often been intergenerational and attract 20-30 individuals working together to layout, cut and tie the fleece blankets. These blankets will be delivered prior to Christmas for distribution throughout the Olivet community.