hcs family services collection

Hunger Is An Acute Issue in Our Community. Did you know DuPage County has the 2nd largest food insecure population in Illinois? Our hungry neighbors need help - now more than ever. Will you reach out to help them?

At HCS Family Services, demand for food assistance is up 78% due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many clients lost hours at work or lost their jobs altogether. With schools closed, children are now home all day and need to be fed. Recent food pantry usage for one week included 297 households, representing an estimated 900 individuals.

As demand at HCS increases, March food donations dropped 40%. Retail food donations account for over 70% of their food supply. As retailers struggle to keep food on their shelves, there is less stock to donate to the food pantry. As a result, HCS must purchase more food to meet the increased demand. They have also adapted their food distribution system to ensure safety for clients and volunteers. Clients now receive pre-packed bags of milk, eggs, produce, and non-perishables at drive-thru stations located at both the Hinsdale and Anne M. Jeans pantry locations.

For over 20 years, May has been HUMC's food pantry collection month for HCS. This year we are conducting an online giving campaign. Please complete the form below to make your donation. You can also make your donation by CHECK (made out to HUMC with “HCS Food Pantry” in the memo line, and mail to the church). Every $1.00 donated to the food pantry provides $8.00 worth of food purchased at the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

As Jenny Austgen stated during Children’s Time on Sunday, “ Love each other. Help each other. If you see someone in need, even a stranger, Reach Out and Help.”