EASTER appeal 2022

March 2022


Dear HUMC Members and Friends,

We are all shocked and saddened by the horrific war in Ukraine and continue to be deeply touched by the pictures and images we see. An interview with one Ukranian woman was very touching as she reminded others not to take peace for granted. The Easter season is one of hope and we ask you all to take a moment and reflect on the significance of Christ’s resurrection and its significance to our Christian faith. The recipients of our Easter Appeal are three very deserving organizations who need our help now more than ever. Please consider sharing your blessings with them. They are:

BRIDGE COMMUNITIES Through the help of its program partners and supporters Bridge Communities provides free transitional housing to 137 homeless DuPage County families each year. During the two years each family spends in the program, they are able to save money, learn budgeting skills and obtain better employment, so they can live self sufficiently once they graduate. The transitional housing program provides apartments, supportive services and a stable environment to the homeless families who are working to improve or develop the skills necessary to live independently. Bridge works with local faith-based and community action groups that provide mentors and essential financial support. Bridge provides professional case management, education, tutoring, career counseling, coaching and donated automobiles.

UMCOR provides humanitarian relief and disaster response to people in more than 80 countries, including the United States. UMCOR provides survivors not only temporary relief, but also long-term education, training and support. UMCOR has designated a special fund to provide humanitarian assistance to the Ukrainian people in the wake of the Russian Invasion. The fund will provide direct assistance to those in Ukraine as well as assistance to Ukrainians fleeing the country. We will be directing our contributions directly to this fund.

MISSIONARY IN LIBERIA HUMC continues to sponsor Helen Roberts-Evans, who is serving as Director of the Department of General Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church in Liberia. She manages resources for teacher training, scholarships, renovation and repair of school buildings and new school construction. She is a native of Liberia, but grew up in the Chicago area, and is a product of the Northern Illinois Conference.  

Help us share the Easter message of hope and inspiration. Join the struggle against hunger, poverty, violence and disease at home and around the world and include these organizations in your prayers and gifts.



May the true hope that Easter brings be in your heart as you consider supporting these Mission projects that are a part of our Rainbow Covenant commitment this year. Donations may be mailed to the church office with “Easter Appeal” noted in the memo, or donate directly and safely below

Sandy Usher on behalf of the

HUMC Missions Committee