christmas appeal 2022


December 2022

Dear HUMC Members and Friends, 

Christmas presents us with a special opportunity to reflect on the birth of Jesus, what his life and teaching means to us, and how we can make a positive difference in the lives of less fortunate persons near and far through our gifts. The Missions Work Area has designated the following organizations to be the recipients of this year’s Christmas Appeal:

Haiti is a failed state. Long the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, constantly wracked by natural disasters, disease outbreaks, political instability and bad governance, the country has become ungovernable. In Port Au Prince, violent gangs are in control, even blockading the port so that fuel cannot be delivered. Humanitarian deliveries are impeded; aid groups constantly have to negotiate for safe passage in and out of their territory, which is often denied. This is the bleak landscape in which Grace Children’s Hospital in Port Au Prince must try to provide its vital service treating thousands of children and providing health services outreach to the community; health care workers fear being kidnapped or killed. HUMC has been a Cornerstone Supporter of Grace Hospital for 25 years; please give generously to continue this support and pray for the brave workers and the people of Haiti.

Dupage PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter)
Our mode of service in our ministry to the homeless in the PADS program has changed now that PADS has acquired a permanent location for its Transitional Housing Center (THC). Our volunteers maintain a schedule of delivering meals to clients in the THC. In recent months the meals have been donated by Factor food service company, so only a few HUMC volunteers are needed for hands-on service. This gift is about to end, and the number of clients being housed has grown significantly, now exceeding 300. This exceeds the capability for HUMC to manage via volunteer-prepared meals. Purchasing prepackaged meals will entail a significant increase in our expenses. We are asking you prayerfully to increase your financial support so that we might continue this important ministry for the 34th year.

A United Methodist affiliated child serving agency founded 128 years ago, this organization served 2,541 children and youth ages 0 to 24 this past year. Its mission is to build better lives for children and help them reach their potential in life. Kids Above All believes in placing the safety, well-being, and education above all else for our kids. Its clients are children and families facing poverty, violence, and injustice every day. 

Since 1965, MYSI, a non-profit child welfare agency licensed under the State of Illinois and accredited under the Council of Accreditation formerly as Methodist Youth Services, Inc., continues to strengthen lives, provide help, and create hope to children, families, and seniors within the communities of Cook County and its bordering suburbs. MYSI provides residential shelter care, outpatient community-based mental health therapeutic services, psychiatric medication monitoring and evaluations, clinical case management counseling and advocacy referral support for over 150 participants annually. Its program services benefit all individuals who need overall mental health stability, care, and support to live and work as independently as possible.

May the true spirit of Christmas be in your heart as you consider supporting these Mission projects that are a part of our Rainbow Covenant commitment this year. Your support of these mission projects is greatly appreciated. We take this opportunity to wish you and your family an especially meaningful Christmas.

Dick Kingman
Missions Work Area

Donations may be mailed to the church office with “Christmas Appeal” noted on the memo line, or click on the button below to donate online. When donating online, select "Special Offering" and then select "Christmas Offering".