care cars for seniors

The “Care Cars” service is being offered in order to provide transportation for HUMC members who either don’t drive or choose not to, thus, they find it difficult to attend church worship services or church activities. The service, provided by American Taxi, is a program in which vouchers are issued to seniors for use to pay taxi fare from their home to HUMC and back.

Here is how the program works:

  1. You will receive a voucher that will be completed, except for the date and your signature. The voucher will be authorized by Jill Hinrichs, Pastor Young-Mee Park, or a designated church leader. The voucher is for one way only. You will need two vouchers, one for your trip to church, and one for your return home. 
  2. When you call dispatch at 1-847-255-9614 to order a “Care Car”, tell them that you have a Hinsdale United Methodist Church voucher, Account Number 143516. And, give them your pick-up address and preferred time and be sure to request a sedan. Make two reservations, one to church, and one for your return home. 
  3. You will enter the date and sign the voucher before giving it to the driver. Any cash tips you wish to give the driver are up to you.
  4. The driver will keep the white copy and give the yellow copy to you.
  5. Return the yellow copy to the Welcome Center or place it in the offering plate when you arrive at church.

If you have any questions, please contact Jill Hinrichs, Minister of Pastoral Care at 630-325-1280 or via email