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Pledge Sunday

November 22, 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone and our church is no exception. With the generous support of our congregation, we are managing through this period. 

Importantly, we are looking forward. November is our time to receive the anticipated level of your financial support for our ministries for 2021. Our theme for the stewardship campaign is “What Really Matters?” Throughout this pandemic, we have all learned that some things where we focused our attention and resources turned out not to be that important. Others turned out to be especially important. While HUMC has been impacted by the physical closing of our building for the most part, we have continued to do our work across the congregation and in the greater community. As we share our plans and aspirations for 2021 over the coming weeks, we hope you agree on the central importance of faith and HUMC in your life and make a commitment to sustain and enhance our ministries. We will culminate with Pledge Sunday on November 22.

Our commitment is to continue to care for our congregation, increase our outreach to the community, and grow the church as we enter the coming year. As we all are conscious of practicing safety protocols in these difficult days and will have worship online on Pledge Sunday, November 22, we are recommending completing your pledge card online.

Where possible, we are encouraging our faithful givers to become sustaining donors to HUMC by having your pledge payments automatically deducted from your bank account on the weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis that you prefer. This service is free of charge and allows your donations to be received by the church without any delays or interruptions. There is a place in the online pledge form to indicate this method as your preference. If you prefer a different method to share your confidential pledge for 2021, please simply text, call, or email me.


Please be as generous as possible as you consider “what really matters.” That amount is different for everyone—so, please give at a level that feels right to you in accordance with Jesus’ encouragement to give cheerfully and out of the abundance that God has given to each of us.

Zed Francis

Chair, Stewardship and Finance

Email: Zsf3@aol.com

Phone: 630-805-2501


2020 financial update

2020 has challenged all of us—and our church financial results are no exception. Through August 31st, our revenues are generally below our planned levels. Pledges are our most important source of revenues—we are $42,000 behind our expectations but believe we can achieve our budgeted levels with a strong 4th quarter. Everyone should have received their statement of giving over the past week. Please review your actual giving with your pledge or other intentions. As some families have suffered health and financial challenges during this pandemic, we are hopeful our generous congregation can help us achieve our expected giving levels this year. Please share any changes to your previously expected level of giving with our Financial Secretary, Chris Malo, or me. We know our income from use of church will remain substantially short of budget (high school parking donations and community groups that historically use our building are greatly impacted by health closures).  

Our expenses have been tightly managed across the board and we are under budget by $42,000. We are committed to being good stewards of the resources entrusted to the church—while keeping our ministries vital. Trustees have postponed most non-essential spending while undertaking some necessary COVID related safety improvements to the church’s ventilation along with rigorous cleaning. Similarly, there has been a strong focus on staffing priorities given the lower physical presence and primarily online worship (though many of us have enjoyed the outdoor services this fall). As you know, our long-time administrative assistant, Cheryl Huetson, elected to retire in September. Given the circumstances, Pastor Park and Staff Parish decided to leave that position unfilled for now with Jenny Austgen adding a few hours to cover some of the most critical administrative needs. 

We can manage through financially. We know our members are amazingly generous and committed to the church! And we did receive the one-time Paycheck Protection Program loan of $60,000 (the loan is expected to be forgiven) to assist HUMC through this pandemic.

Thank you for your steadfast support of HUMC! 

Zed Francis

Chair, Stewardship and Finance

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