Spring Mission Trip

HUMC Missions Team Heads to Tulsa!

Six members of Hinsdale UMC made a Mission Work Trip to Sand Springs, OK, from April 11 to 15. The town of Sand Springs, a few miles west of Tulsa, was struck by a tornado in the spring of 2015. Participants on the Work Trip were Jim and Theresa Gory, Paul and Diane Eident, Barb Kovalsky, and Lennox Iton. Jim Gory served as the team’s work leader. The planning and arrangements for the trip were made by Dick Kingman.

missions_adultmissiontrip_tulsa2016Our Mission Team worked under the auspices of United Methodist Disaster Response Oklahoma (UMDRO), and we were tasked with repairs on four homes that had suffered damage in the tornado. Work was performed at the homes of Alicia Watson, the Vann family, Amanda Lyons, and Joanne Beck. Repair work had already been begun on all of the homes; our team’s purpose was to continue/complete the restorations. We were supervised by three project managers from UMDRO in the course of the week, with Hal Wright and and Kevin Walker each in charge for two days. Our work included the removal of moldy ceiling insulation, installation of drywall ceilings and walls, painting of ceilings and walls, painting of window frames, gutter installation, replacement of a porch roof, and installation of storm door fixtures. In addition to the work done on the building structures, extensive yard work was performed at the Watson and Beck homes. This work included trimming of trees, pruning of bushes, and collection and removal of trash and debris.

missions_adultsmissiontrip_tulsa2016dianeeidentOn a sad note, we were working at Joanne Beck’s home as she was arranging the funeral of her husband, who had passed away two days earlier. Notwithstanding this, she was very appreciative of the work that had been done, a sentiment shared by the other homeowners. All of the participants were very happy with the outcome of the week’s work, and relished the opportunity to render service to victims of disaster in a spirit of Christian love. We strongly encourage those who have not participated in Mission Work Trips to consider joining one of these spiritually fulfilling trips in the future.

Please contact Dick Kingman at richard.kingman@hinsdaleumc.com if you would like to join the next mission team or if you have questions.