Church Library

The Church Library is located in Room 113.  It is open whenever the church is open. The collection includes books and DVDs.  The Library promotes the spiritual development of children, individuals, families, and church groups.  It also strengthens our Christian education programs, and serves as a resource center for Sunday School teachers.


How to check out an item:

  1. Put the date and your name on the card found in the pocket in the back of the book or on the back of the DVD case.
  2. Place the card in the checkout card box.  There is a box for children’s items in the children’s section, and one for adult items in the adult section.  Items may be checked out for three weeks.
  3. Return items to the plastic bin on the small table by the library door.

Books with a Reference label on the spine may only be used in the building.  Please return them to the Library.

Mary Ann Darnaby serves as the Church Librarian.